Resources For Clients

This page outlines several how-tos and best practices that you can use to ensure that your job is completed in as timely a manner as possible. If you have questions that aren't answered by these resources, feel free to contact our sales and/or graphic design staff.

If you have been referred to this page by a sales representative or a graphic designer for a specific issue, please use the "Jump to Section" menu on the right to navigate to the relevant information.

A checklist covering much of this information and suitable for printing is available here (PDF download).

Proper PDF creation

Becker Printing makes plates from Adobe PDF files. Generally, when art is supplied for a job by a client, it is given to us in PDF format. If it isn't, it will be converted to PDF format before plates are made. PDF files can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat (included with most Adobe products) or Acrobat Reader, a stripped-down version of the same program. If you don't have a means of examining PDF files, you can download Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe's Acrobat site. In general, the criteria that PDFs need to satisfy for proper printing are as follows:

Printable illustrated instructions for creating high-resolution PDFs are available for QuarkXPress (PDF download) and Adobe InDesign (PDF download). If you are unclear on any of these points, more information can be found in the sections below. Becker understands that it is not always possible to satisfy all of the criteria for proper PDF creation, especially if the art supplied is not created directly by the client. We will gladly work with you to see your job realized.

Preflighting your PDFs

In many cases, issues within PDF files can be found through Acrobat and Acrobat Reader's Preflight tool. The Preflight tool analyzes your PDF and returns a report listing potential problem areas within the file, including images in non-CMYK color spaces, colors within the document that are not CMYK, low-resolution images, layers that don't knock out, and so on.

Preflighting on a Mac:
  1. Open your PDF in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.
  2. Go to AdvancedPreflight.
  3. Choose your desired Profile preset.
  4. Hit Preflight.
  5. Adjust your source files accordingly.
Preflighting on a Windows computer:
  1. Open your PDF in Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.
  2. Go to DocumentPreflight.
  3. Choose your desired Profile preset.
  4. Hit Analyze.
  5. Adjust your source files accordingly.

These preflight options should not be used to supplement careful human review of the files. Additionally, there are several online resources for preflighting PDFs, but these should not be used as your sole criterion for evaluating a PDF. Links to these can be found in the "Other resources" section.

Collecting for output

If you wish for us to create a PDF from your source files, it is important to include every file relevant to the job. This generally refers to every font and images that is used within your art. Please note that unless we have a particular font or image on file, if it is not included with your work it will not print properly. If we cannot find missing files we will contact you and work with you to locate them.

Most popular layout programs have a feature that collects all of the images and fonts associated with a job into one location. This provides you with an easy way to bring your files to an outside source for printing (in this case, Becker) and prevents the chance of image and font associations within the document being "broken".

Collecting for output in QuarkXPress:
  1. Ensure that your file is saved.
  2. Go to FileCollect for Output.
  3. Make sure that Linked Pictures, Embedded Pictures, Screen Fonts, and Printer Fonts are selected. In general, you will not need to worry about the other options.
  4. Choose your desired location and hit Save.
  5. When sending your source files to Becker, make sure that you include all folders and files generated by the Collect for Output process, along with the source document.
Packaging jobs in Adobe InDesign:
  1. Ensure that your file is saved.
  2. Go to FilePackage.
  3. InDesign's built-in Preflight tool will run. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Fill out the form on the Printing Instructions window. Hit Continue.
  5. Choose your package's destination from the Create Package Folder window and hit Save.
Collecting for output in other programs:

Microsoft Publisher offers a "package for printer" option that creates an executable file containing all needed fonts and images. If you intend to send us Microsoft Publisher files, please include the source file in addition to the files generated by collecting. Please note that if you have the ability to create a PDF from Publisher, it is highly recommended that you send it in addition to (or instead of) the source files.

If you are designing art in a different program than the ones listed, Becker recommends attempting to create a PDF from the file. If this isn't possible, please send the file with a printed proof and all necessary fonts and images to us. Please note that if we do not have the layout program, we will not be able to open the file. In such a case, we will work with the customer to recieve suitable files through other methods (such as exporting to a high-resolution image) or resetting the art. Contact us for more information.

Sending art to Becker

When furnishing art to us on CD, thumb drive, etc.:
When e-mailing us art as attachments:
To send your file through the Becker Client Dashboard:
  1. Log in to the dashboard with your supplied username and password. If you forget your login information or haven't recieved it yet, contact us.
  2. From the menu, go to Upload Files To Becker.
  3. Hit the Browse button and choose your file.
  4. If you need to send more than one file, hit the Add File button and add files as needed.
  5. Hit the Upload button.

Off-site resources

The above links offer information and resources relevant to graphic design and printing that may be useful to you. Please note that Becker has no control over the content or direction of these linked websites and that they are subject to change at any time without notice.